Living The Future - Venture Into A Truly Smart Life

Beyond IoT and Smart Infrastructure, a future smart city is built around the most important element of all, the human experience of its residents. To lead a smart lifestyle in its true sense, the framework of smart cities needs to be the thread that connects all of its components and stakeholders, Governments and the Public alike, into a single comprehensive fabric. A true “smart life” encompasses the entirety of everyday life needs and goes beyond to close the gaps between the public and governments through improved services, effective communication, transparency, and direct evaluation and feedback on performance.

The Smart Life Suite

The Smart Life Suite is a comprehensive ecosystem of applications and platforms developed by 5D MENA and designed with an open architecture. Smart Life is dedicated to bringing new innovative tools and building on the current digital transformation efforts to improve the human experience of daily life.

Focusing on the user experience of both sides, Public Entities and Citizens, Smart Life offers a diverse range of applications that are embedded in the everyday lives of citizens, while emphasizing optimization and streamlining to enhance governmental performance.

Helping Governments and The Public

Clear communication, Improved efficiency, Reduced Costs, and Better Quality of Life for the citizens are universal objectives of every e-Gov initiative and public entity, satisfaction leads to stability after all. Accomplishing these objectives requires a broad spectrum of services to be covered meticulously.

The Smart Life ecosystem builds on current e-Gov efforts, brings new tools to the stakeholders, and expands the service offerings to achieve what is beyond expectations, engaging the public directly through reliable channels, having a tangible impact on public performance, and improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Our Ecosystem

We adopt an agile and bespoke approach for all of our projects, tailoring the Smart Life suite and its offerings to fit the needs of our clients, and ensuring that quality and flexibility are always provided.


For Report is a smart e-governance and e-ticketing solution that provides a 360 degree view of governmental performance and allows public participation in incident identification and its prioritization based on heat map.


Sheer.Exchange is a communication platform focused on Government-Public interaction that guarantees reliability with added value on voting, accountability, and transparency.


A Public-Govt cooperation tool that is triggered by different incidents, notifying the citizens, and asking for any available real-time information to help the vested parties mitigate any risks.


Serves as a first point of contact, reports emergencies, links it to location and media info, and shares it with the appointed first responders and authorities to facilitate quick action.


The next evolution of property listings, Virtual Estate covers all real estate-related needs and offers advanced features such as property management, VR/AR tours, and more, minimizing car traffic and its impact on the environment.

Any Repair

Any.Repair is a unique all-inclusive utility platform offering a wide array of bluecollar/skilled labor services to customers through onboarded local service providers.


Offers its users easy access to services provided by local doctors, lawyers, and other professionals and allows service providers to manage schedules, payments, and more.


Local.Market is a hyper-local e-commerce platform that empowers and supports MSMEs and local industries while remaining customer-focused by aggregating all stores based on location info and allowing customers to place orders accordingly for quick delivery.

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